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Possibly the worst thing that can happen on race day is something on your bike letting you down. Walking your bike back with a mechanical you can’t fix is a bummer and in most cases avoidable. Give Anait and Adam a call at the shop (215-938-8646) and get your bike checked over before the next race (don’t just show up the day before).

When Registering put “Circle Cycle Racing” as the team.

2024 Race Results

Iron Hill


Cat 2 Men 40-49
8th Matt Regan

Cat 3 M 13-14
4th Michael Concannon

Cat 3 M 50
2nd Stephen Concannon

Fair Hill

Apr 28th


Endurance Men
8th Logan Vanderpool

Endurance Women
3rd June Pexella-Granlund

Pro-Elite Cat 1 Women
13th Emmaline Schadel

Cat 1&2 Women 50+
2nd Heidi Levin
5th Danelle Witkowski

Cat 2 Men 40-49
14th Matt Regan
28th Jason Schadel

Cat 2 Women u19
1st Elizabeth Gares
6th Leena Dotterer

Cat 3 Men 15-18
13th Așa Cronin

Junior Male 13-14
12th Michael Concannon

Cat 3 Men 50+
7th Stephen Concannon

Junior Male U13
3rd Danny Regan 

IIGO Relay


Rattling Creek


Open Women  (17 mile)
1st Leena Dotterer (10th overall)
5th Lilly Altemus

Men’s 45+ (17 mile)
6th Brian Vanderpool

Endurance Women (32 mile)
13th June Pezella-Granlund 


Endurance Men (32 mile)
42 Logan Vanderpool
65 Cole Altemus

Approximately 850 miles south of us:

Emmaline took 1st in Cat 1 Juniors F 15-18 at  the Go Nuts Biking Newnan XC in Georgia.


Apr 6

Junior Female 13-14
Yumi Murphy – 4th

Junior Male U13
Michael Concannon – 5th
Danny Regan – 7th

 Cat 3 Men 50+
Stephen Concannon – 4th
Adam Schreiber – 8th

 Cat 3 Men 15-18
Jonah Schreiber – 9th

Cat 3 men 40-49
Ken Murphy – 2nd

Cat 2 Women U19
Elizabeth Gares – 1st
Lenna Dotterer – 5th

 Cat 2 Men 40-49
Matt Regan -7th
Jason Schadel

 Cat 2 Men U19
Torin Perri – 9th
Cole Altemus – 11 

Pro-Elite-Cat 1 Women Open
Emmaline Shadel – 3rd


March 16 Mayhem Results


Open Women’s Endurance
1st – June Pezella- Granlund

Cat 2 15-18
8th – Leena Dotterer
14th – Lily Altemus

Cat 3 10-14
8th – Yumi Murphy

Cat 3 40-54
8th – Ken Murphy

Michael Concannon

Cat 2 15-18
25th – Cole Altemus

Cat 2 40-54
10th – Matt Regan

Cat 3 10-14
18th – Danny Regan